Are you ready to own your health?


Are you seeking a health approach that focuses on all aspects of living?

Do you need a complete body and mind transformation?

I can help by optimizing your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. 

One size does not and can not fit all, we are all different with unique genes and lifestyles. Every health and fitness program I prescribe is catered to your unique requirements. 

Working with me you’ll experience increased fitness, energy, confidence, greater purpose and you will feel like you’re finally living in alignment. 

"I have worked out in gyms regularly since the early ‘80s – in LA, San Francisco, New York, Europe, Melbourne. I have watched hundreds of trainers work. I have tried more than a dozen and have used a few regularly.

After I joined the gym in Melbourne, I saw Ihsan training other clients. He was doing things that were very different from what I had seen before. Over a 12-18 month period, I watched him carefully and thought about what he was doing. His meticulous focus on posture and form, the proper execution of the movement, was obvious from watching.

As an athlete, that attention to detail, combined with the willingness to engage the client both physically and verbally to ensure that the movement is correct, really attracted me. 

Consequently, I decided to try training with Ihsan.

We have trained together regularly for several years now, years in which I have been incredibly busy with work and family, and the training has been bare minimum in quantity for me (perhaps below bare minimum).

Ihsan is far and away the best trainer I have ever been around. He is just head-and-shoulders better than others.

His ability to visually ‘inspect’ how I am moving when I come in on a Saturday morning, after a long week of work or travel, and immediately devise a set of movements (exercises, poses, stretches) to repair the week’s damage is just extraordinary." 

Jeff Melton, Bain Company


You will achieve optimal health and fitness through practical nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

It is always my approach to make health simple, fun and easy to apply.

Every client receives a postural, movement, nutrition and lifestyle assessment. 

Based on these results I provide an individualised health program designed according to YOUR unique requirements. 

The beauty of the results-producing program is that you can implement it at your own pace. Let’s build long-term health in realistic increments.  

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