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Ihsan Tuncel

C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle & Exercise Coach

My journey

Hi, my name is Ihsan Tuncel. I’ve been passionate about the fitness and health industry since 1997 and it has been an incredible journey. In 2005 I branched out into personal training and this is when I realised how much I enjoy helping people improve their health and I know that this is what I am best at.

While working as a personal trainer I had an uncontrollable urge to learn and evolve as a trainer. I loved being active and challenging my body with innovative exercises. 

This was also the stage that I began to really question my own health as I had many challenges.

Physically I looked quite healthy. I felt fit, I was lean and strong but I only felt energetic and vital some of the time. 

Why were my energy levels inconsistent? 

Why was I getting a sore throat 2 to 3 times per year? 

Why was I bloated and suffering indigestion most of time? 

I mean as an Exercise Coach, shouldn't I be a prime example of health? Aren't we told that human health is at an all time high?

If that was the case it didn’t make sense to me that we needed so many surgeons, doctors, pharmacies, medical drugs and psychiatrists just to survive and live without pain and discomfort. 

It dawned on me that although fitness is a key factor in reaching optimal health, it was only one part of the jigsaw

C.H.E.K Institute

In 2010 I attended a nutrition workshop by a member of the C.H.E.K Institute. This workshop was a real eye opener and it blew me away. 

I was expecting to hear about supplements, protein powders and a heap of other modern scientifically proven pills. Instead the workshop made me realise how simple and important nutrition actually is. 

By combining real, clean food, a lifestyle that matches your values and promotes vitality, strong mental, emotional and spiritual health, you will reach your true health potential.

After starting my study with the C.H.E.K Institute my personal health improved immensely to a level that I have never experienced before in my entire life. 

Looking back I realise that I was always a relatively fit individual but I was far from “truly” healthy.

My philosophy

My approach to health now is to observe and assess you in a (whole)istic manner. 

The human body is a complex web of interconnected systems. A deficiency or stress within one system will have an effect on other systems within the body. If our body is to function optimally, the foundation health principles (the pillars of health) need to be in place in order for your body to have a chance to express its self via its genetic strengths. 

  • How can an incorrect food for you cause knee pain or back pain? 
  • Can stress really make you fat? 
  • How can exercise choices make your posture deteriorate?
  • Can too much cardio be bad for health?
  • How do your thoughts affect energy levels?

These questions and many more will all be answered for you in your holistic health program.

Looking at the current level of health in modern society, I feel I have a major role to play. Once you experience authentic health you will realise what you have been missing out on.. And trust me, there is no going back!

I get a real buzz when I successfully guide and educate my clients to a higher level of wellbeing and vitality. By applying simple foundation health principles I have found great success with hundreds of reformed clients. 

Who I work with

Anyone who wants to better their health and fitness.

My health programs are designed to suit your unique and individual needs. We are all designed to be healthy and vital. What we do and eat will either expose our genetic strengths or weaknesses. 

Take control of the steering wheel as your health is YOUR responsibility.

There is no better feeling than living in a healthy body.  Life becomes a breeze, challenges become opportunities and you can chase your dreams with ease.

Let food and water be your medicine 

- Hippocrates 

Exercise, the drug of choice

- Paul Chek

My Services


C.H.E.K Institute:

  • C.H.E.K Exercise Coach
  • C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level II
  • C.H.E.K Overcome Addiction, Obesity and Disease

Other training:

  • Advanced Level 3 Kettlebell Trainer
  • Scientific Core Conditioning
  • Scientific Back Training
  • Boxing/Kickboxing Trainer

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